Rather than guessing your way through haircuts allow me to enlighten you on a systematic yet creative way to achieve each and every cut.

With my background of teaching stylists and barbers from students all the way to 20+ years of being in the industry, you will leave class with more of a creative mindset, motivated and more knowledgeable in mens hair. 





- Knowing the basics in mens hair is a must! It sets a great foundation for you and the cuts to come. Mastering the fundamentals of mens hair and shape will allow you to create things you never imagined.

- Fundamentals always stay the same, so that’s where creativity comes into play! You want to make each cut fit the clients personality and have its own unique twist. 

- When it comes to working on a client, you want to keep them engaged in conversation and make the experience memorable. Over time, grow a connection with them and make them feel like family!

Education pricing


Singular tickets to class - $30 per person

Groups of 10 - $300

Groups of 20 - $500

1 on 1 - $50/hour