"Jordan's meticulous precision and attention to detail makes him one of South Jersey's most sought after Barber's. He enjoys doing all men's cuts and styles. He started working as a barber 5 years ago and decided to go straight to barbering school right out of high school, wasting no time. 

He has grown his skill tremendously over the years. Jordan has recently started to branch out into teaching other barbers how to perfect their skills. He is a very caring person and enjoys the company of his clients just as much as he enjoys cutting their hair." - Crystal moore (Bliss Salon Owner)


"I can say without a doubt I have never met a more articulate, organized, and hard working person than Jordan. He truly makes me work twice as hard just to barely match his everyday tasks. Bouncing ideas off of each other has made us both grow tremendously, but I know without a doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today without Jordan. It’s funny to think, shortly over 2 years ago I was working with just a coworker, now I work with a brother. They say you never work a day in your life if you love what you do. I say you live the best days of your life if you work with your best friend too." - Garrett Donaldson (Barber)

​​“Receiving the chance to learn Barbering from Jordan has been my greatest asset getting into this industry. My confidence has increased immensely. Jordan has taught me the fundamentals and the precision techniques necessary to be a success in this industry. Jordan isn't just a great mentor in Barbering, but also a great mentor about life. He continuously challenges me, guides me to become more detailed, and helps advance my skills. I am now able to attack any haircut with confidence and better execute it thanks to him.“ - Daniel Mikus (student)


In 2017 I had the pleasure of attending Shore Beauty School with Jordan. His confidence, charisma and skill made him easily one of the top students. In 2021 Jordan and I ran into each other and caught up on the past years. I learned about the education programs he was developing and pursuing. I instantly wanted to be apart of it and we actually hosted one of his classes at our salon JHQ (Julie’s Headquarters). Working with Jordan was truly exceptional. Not only is he an incredible barber but also a well rounded business man. He’s extremely detail oriented and everything he touches turns to a success. Whether your in Jordan’s chair or have the pleasure of working alongside him, you’ll have a 10 out of 10 experience! 

- Chelsea Frost (JHQ Salon)